Contac 4.0.7 for Windows 10


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Contac is a free program to manage your webcam, in order to protect our security. Program does not consume too many system resources. It's fast, lightweight and full-featured. As a result of his service should not be any trouble to anyone. Contac is used to record images from all the cameras connected to your computer. In this way, we can remotely monitor a given area, in order to increase security. This is a perfect alternative for those living in large family house. It will also apply to companies, office or dorm. Contac offers: - monitoring of any area or room - Fast and easy to use - detects motion - recording everything that happens in front of the camera for 24 hours - you can schedule tasks and other actions when it detects any movement. - Supports all Windows (from Windows 95 to Windows 8), - unlimited configuration camera - integrated web server (password protected).